The Plastic Challenge

What is it: cut out all single use plastic and minimise other plastic.

When: 15th June – 15th July.

How: find affordable, accessible alternatives or avoid certain items.

To raise funds for: Marine Conservation Society, 

After reading about the plastic challenge set up by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) I’ve been inspired to take part by doing my best to eliminate my plastic waste for one month this summer, whilst raising money for a brilliant charity. I’ve long been interested in the environment, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually clocked just how much waste we generate in our daily lives. My aim is to document my zero waste plastic mission through this blog, including evaluating zero plastic alternatives, in the hope that it will inspire others to become more aware of the impact of their lifestyles on the environment and maybe even change some habits for the better.

Why plastics?

What’s so awful about one of the most innovative products of the twentieth Century? Well, instead of reiterating what many of you have no doubt heard a hundred times already, here’s a handy video detailing some of the more complex issues of plastic waste:


My Mission: The Plastic Challenge

For one month my aim will be to avoid using any single-use plastic, whether recyclable or not. So think plastic bags, shampoo bottles, plastic toothbrushes and even cheese packaging, the list goes on and I’m avoiding it all! I intend to document my zero hero ‘journey of discovery’ through this blog and in doing so I hope to evaluate alternative solutions, compare prices, discover local initiatives and tell you all about achievable ways of working towards zero waste.

As it happens, I will be spending the majority of the challenge in the Cambridge area, where my parents live, and the rest of the time in Exeter, my university town, so I can discover zero plastic waste options in both places. Also worth mentioning is my birthday (wait for it, there is a point here) which will be on 1st July – I reckon that will end up as more of a challenge for my family and friends than for myself, as they attempt to find zero plastic waste gifts, complete with zero plastic wrapping. And finally, to celebrate the achievements of my zero plastic waste month I will be graduating on 15th July, so hey, double reason to be merry!


I would particularly like to thank everyone for signing up to the blog – the fact that you think this issue is worth investigating means so much to me and your support has made the challenge all the more achievable.

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