Mission Advancement to Devon, England

Sponsor me: plasticchallenge.everydayhero.com/uk/jo

With just FIVE days left of my plastic challenge, please click on the above link to help me reach my goal of raising FIVE hundred pounds for the brilliant Marine Conservation Society UK . We need to combat these FIVE massive ocean gyres before it’s too late so whether you have a few pounds or pennies to spare, they’ll all be hugely appreciated – THANK YOU!

Much later than originally promised (and planned), I am finally heading back down to Exeter in time to round off my plastic challenge on the day I graduate (Wednesday), as it happens.

This seems like a great opportunity to start selling the plastic-free products I’ve been using as perfect travel companions! In general, they’re more compact, lightweight and versatile than their plastic counterparts. The lack of liquid is particularly good for journeys by air: you can take them easily through airport security and they won’t explode in transit. In preparation for my week in the South West, I’ve packed my shampoo bar in its tin, nested my deodorant and soap together, and decanted some toothpaste into a little tub from Lush. Good ideas for storing other items (such as bits of food/liquid or cleaning products – bicarbonate of soda etc.) are to upcycle old spices jars, use these little jam jars collected from Devonshire cream teas or reuse good old plastic pots.

Provisions whilst I’m down there can be bought from The Real Food Store (brilliant, local independent store) or Seasons (a particular highlight is the loo roll in biodegradable wrapping), both in Exeter town itself. A little way away and a bit pricier is Darts Farm (in Topsham) which sells its own produce as well as that of local suppliers.

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