Checklist for Launch

As many of you are aware (and thank you all for your well-wishing messages), I turned 22 yesterday, so you may think today’s post would be birthday orientated. However, I’ve decided to wait a bit longer before doing a ‘how to have a plastic-free birthday’ post since I have an extended-family birthday day this weekend, where no doubt I’ll pick up a lot of tips!

In the meantime, I’ve written my 5 top tips (or checklist for launch, if you will) for how to make a change towards a plastic-waste-free lifestyle. You can read my checklist below and I’ve posted it as a page accessible from the top menu bar. These are really simple but key things to do if you want to become more plastic-free but it seems a bit much to cut it out altogether. If you want any advice on buying plastic-free items or about shops in the Cambridge/Exeter area, please do leave a comment in the section below and I’ll do my best to give you an informative answer.

Finally, I am delighted to announce that my Zero Hero Mission has found its way into the newspaper! For those in the Cambridge area, pick up a copy of Cambridge Evening News TODAY, and for those not, check it out online here.


Checklist for Launch: 5 Top Tips to say ‘over and out’ to plastic waste.

1. Reuseable bags

8.3 billion single-use plastic bags were used in 2013 by customers of UK supermarkets (WRAP, 2014) and only 1 in every 200 were recycled (BBC). The figures are astounding which is where the new government policy comes in which will ‘introduce a 5p charge on single-use plastic carrier bags in England from 5 October 2015’. So get ahead of the game and swap your plastic shopping bags for some sturdy reusable bags, and make sure you have them handy even for those unplanned shopping trips!

2. A reuseable bottle

Swap plastic drinking bottles for any metal reusable bottle and you’ll instantly save a load of plastic waste as well as money!

3. Go local

Buying local (and seasonal) produce has multiple benefits: you’re more likely to find food un-wrapped, less energy goes into transporting the products and you’re supporting local producers at the same time.

4. Go Lush

Get rid of all your bathroom bottles in one sweep by heading to Lush for naked packaging. For more information on bathroom alternatives, head to my bathroom blog post.

5. Plan ahead

Eat lunch at the office? Grab a coffee on the way to work? Buy a cheeky sweet snack to keep you going? Save on plastic on the go by preparing lunch at home, taking a reuseable thermos mug (the price of a cuppa might even be reduced for you), and bake (and take) your own goodies!


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