Week 1: Complete

With the first week of the plastic challenge down, and three more to go it feels like a good time for a mission update of my latest plastic-free exploits.

When I last wrote about the food shop, I was having difficulty finding a few key plastic-free items, but I’m glad to report that after a couple of trips to local farmers markets, armed with empty tubs for the products, I found success! By swooping in with my reusable packaging, I managed to buy cheese, salad leaves and olives plastic-free and at a reasonable price, as well as coffee in paper packaging. I also bought The Laughing Cow cheese (cardboard+foil) as an affordable back-up cheese should I run out.

In fact, the last few days have been remarkably food orientated. For the first time, I joined Feedback’s Gleaning Network on a farm near Kings Lynn, Norfolk where we were saving as many parsnips as possible from going to waste as part of a BBC program on Britain’s waste, presented by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (due to air in September – I’ll definitely be watching).



Back in Cambridge, I popIMG_2837ped along to Chesterton Festival to help man the Cambridge Sustainable Food stall, complete with a ‘guess the secret vegetable ingredient of these cakes’ activity, and free parsnips to hand out in order to engage the public in a discussion on food use and waste. (On a side note, I was really chuffed to get a discount on a coffee I bought there due to bringing my own (waste-free) mug, so just shows you, plastic-free really is win-win!)

I also attended the village ceilidh with a complete set of crockery, cutlery and a drink to avoid use of the disposable set, as well as brushing up on my very rusty baking skills by making some plastic-free fairy cakes with flour dating from 2011 (in case you’re wondering, they taste absolutely fine and yes I’m still alive).


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