We have lift-off!

Let the Plastic Challenge begin! The 15th June, my start date, has rolled around and, somewhat appropriately, my mission starts with a visit to the Cambridge Sustainable Food office where I will be volunteering this summer. Day 1 of my plastic challenge already hits on one of the big sources of plastic waste in everyday life: lunch at the office. All pre-packaged lunches from supermarkets and shops are off limits for me as well as any bottled drinks, crisps or sweet treats. This is one of the simplest hurdles to overcome though, all it takes is a bit o’ planning: I filled my reusable water bottle, made sandwiches at home, packaged them in a reusable tub and even took along a mug. I have made sure I will always have a spork in my handbag in anticipation of any unforeseen circumstances involving the use of plastic cutlery.

Much to my dismay, whilst planning the plastic challenge, I had realised that most premade biscuits and cakes come in unsustainable packing. Those people who know me will know that I’m not a big fan of cooking and even less of a fan of baking but I quickly understood that if I wanted any sweet treats I was going to have to put in the effort myself. To this end, I started off with the easiest baking I could find: flapjacks. My 3 ingredients were Quakers Oats (cardboard), local honey (glass + metal) and local rapeseed oil (glass + metal, although butter in foil would also have worked). About 20 minutes later I was gazing proudly at my first plastic-free baking result which I popped into a tub for later (having already had a sneaky munch, I can confirm it tastes great!).


And that was that! Public transport into Cambridge and I’m off, waiting to see what the next few days will throw at me!

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